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by Claude Morcos


"Claude+Morcos+Productions" Colour Color Grading Colourist Colorist Davinci
film stills colouring coloring "claude+morcos"
Claude Morcos Colouring Coloring Colourist Colorist Grading "Claude+Morcos+Productions" Post-Production Remote Features Series Music Videos Commercials Davinci Resolve

Certified in DaVinci Resolve, Claude Morcos specializes in grading 4k, up to 12k projects, offering remote color correction and look dev for commercials,  series, music videos, and full-length features.  Eizo calibrated monitors ensure that your project is getting hollywood-grade clarity and accuracy at DCI, HLG, P3, and Rec2020 gamuts. -Color correction and color grading for TV commercials, short films, music videos, documentaries and more -Expert knowledge of post-production workflows, color management solutions like ACES, DaVinci Wide Gamut, Display-Referred and Scene-Referred working environments, offline-online workflows, conforming XMLs, show LUT creation, SDR grading, film emulation and look development -Highly proficient in DaVinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Photoshop -Experience in working with RAW/LOG footage from latest digital cinema cameras like Arri Alexa, RED, Blackmagic Design, Sony Venice, mirrorless as well as 16mm and 35mm motion picture film -Skilled in balancing and shot matching footage from several cameras to maintain consistency -Workflow consultation and pre-production assistance for DOPs & Cinematographers


DP Consultations
Look Development
Creating Shooting LUTs
One-on-One Training
Remote Training
On-Set Coloring

Beauty Retouching
Object Removal
Sky Replacement
AI Upscaling
Project Finishing

"Claude+Morcos+Productions" Colour Color Grading Colourist Colorist Davinci
"Claude+Morcos+Productions" Colour Color Grading Colourist Colorist Davinci

URSA Mini Pro 12K RAW Gen 5

12k Debayered Rec.709

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