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by Claude Morcos

Megan Shung - Awning

Megan Shung - Awning

scroll for following videos:

awning. john w. snyder feat. megan shung. 2022. dir./cine Claude Morcos.

griffe - la chemise antitache. 2019. dir./cine Claude Morcos 

baby girl. howard fyvie & claude morcos. 2015. dir. Claude Morcos.

grim work. 2011. dir. Claude & Daniel Morcos

laduma - hot water. 2010. dir. Daniel Morcos. Prod. Claude Morcos

caves - the plastics. 2010. dir. Claude & Daniel Morcos

hit. 2011. dir. Robin Goode. comp & post. Claude Morcos

best pretenders. the plastics. 2012. comp. Claude Morcos

awning. coloring reel excerpts. 2022. dir. Claude Morcos

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